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It can sometimes be time consuming to reach what you want on ebay, lots of clicks to get to the item and see what’s been newly listed.

We decided to make it a bit easier by creating some ebay UK categories on Auction Addict – simply, locate and click-on the category of interest, or items directly, in the right hand column – you will be taken to a list of recently added items to choose from. When you click-on an item, a new page/tab will open allowing you to view details of the item(s). A couple of clicks to see what’s in the marketplace.

We would like to add your favourite categories to Auction Addict.

We also have a few favourite sellers, people we can trust to send what is described and packaged well for the journey, and, equally important – do not overcharge on post and packing charges.

If you have a favourite seller – one who always has items for sale on ebay UK (doesn’t have to be a ‘store owner’ super-seller) in any category – and it’s someone you trust, in all respects, just drop us a line via our Contact Form and let us have their ebay seller ID.
We’ll check it out and if all is ok we’ll provide a ‘feature-page’ just for their auction items.

What’s your favourite category ?
.. tell us ~ use the Contact Form and we’ll get it up and running on Auction Addict.

If you are an ebay UK Seller, you’re invited to make a request for your own Featured Seller Page on Auction Addict. Please complete the appropriate field on the Contact Form.

Unfortunately, there are also the ‘bad guys’ on ebay; we have experienced a few and it can be disconcerting. However, that’s the nature of this media – it attracts all ‘types’;
ebay have specific rules concerning the negative side of their business and anyone thinking of buying or selling would benefit by taking the time to read the information on their web site.
However, please tell us if you have had bad experience.

There's always ebay




We will continue to add categories and favourite sellers as clients and visitors advise us. In the meantime, you will find links to categories/current auctions in the right column >>>>>
and a link to favourite sellers in the top menu and foot of the page, along with a link to the ebayUK quick-and-easy search page.

Happy Bidding …
take care.

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